Manatees and Republicans!

For the ten or so people who read this blog on a daily basis, I apologize for my lack of posts lately.  I have finally managed to regain my senses after my eardrums exploded and my eyeballs rolled into the back of my head while watching the RNC convention this week.  I don’t really want to make this a place to vent my political frustrations, but it’s hard not to when the GOP is plotting to take over the world and half the nation is right there with them holding hands and singing Kumbaya, while simultaneously jerking off into the barrels of their shotguns. 

On a lighter note, I went to Florida this weekend and saw some manatees and ate an entire box of Hostess cupcakes.  While many supermarkets in Georgia have for some inexplicable reason (perhaps because they are injected with beef stock, yummy!) stopped selling Hostess cupcakes, Florida still knows where it’s at.

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