San Fran

I spent last weekend in San Francisco visiting one of my favorite people on earth, Cracker-Jack.

I shopped for 6 hours, saw the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SOMA, got a massage, saw a flamenco show and stuffed my face on tapas and Cracker-Jack bought my meal, went to a members only wine tasting and paella party at a vineyard (which gave new meaning to one of my favorite e-cards of all time. (Sorry, Cracker-Jack.  I know you hate the use of the term “white” but come on that shit is funny)), watched a roller derby game, and ended the weekend by drinking a bottle of wine and answering trivial pursuit questions.  Life could really not get any better than that.

I almost forgot! I saw Junot Diaz speak at City Arts and Lectures and while he did not make out with me, he did sign both of my boobs.  Oops, I mean books.

Reasons why I would love to live in San Fran:

1. Cracker-Jack lives there.

2. Public transportation is unbelievable.

3. One of the top five tacos of my life was eaten there. My toes curled and my eyes filled with tears.

4. The fact that the weather gives you the ability to wear your favorite pair of boots year-round.

Reasons why I can’t leave Atlanta just yet:


2. My family and friends

3. My dog, Mac, lives here. I have shared custody.


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