Love advice from my mother

This hot love tip came from a very typical conversation with my mom, where I was engrossed in a marathon session of The Girls Next Door, and she called to tell me she had just finished watching a Spanish television program about astrology and I just had to follow the advice for Libras.  When she got to the part about sticking the paper in the plants, I almost choked on my dark chocolate pretzel. 

1. Make a list of 21 qualities that you want in a partner. 

2. Cut these qualities into 21 strips of paper.

 3. Stick the pieces of paper in your plants and wait for Mr. Right to appear. 

And you all wonder how I came to be this way? I don’t think that my mother has noticed that all of my plants are dead.  I couldn’t even keep an Aloe vera plant alive long enough to use its healing properties.   But she did hit upon a weakness of mine:  I love making lists!   So maybe I’ll make the list and post it here, or maybe I’ll burn the strips of paper and ask the Lost Pagan God Dragobete to please send my mother a boyfriend so I can lie comfortably uninterrupted on my couch with a bucket of popcorn resting on my belly for many more years to come.

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