Pass the meat

My brother and I took our mom to Red and Green Brazilian Steakhouse on Buford Highway last night for her birthday.  Red and Green is a typical Brazilian churrasquería, a la Fogo de Chão, but for about half the price.  I really recommend celebrating a birthday here, at least once.  The service is phenomenal and if it’s your birthday you get a free bottle of house red wine and a cake.  Not just a slice of cake, the ENTIRE cake.  While I don’t think the quality of the salad bar or the meat is of the same standard as Fogo, you definitely get your money’s worth– especially when mom and I are eating.  My stomach did not become a bottomless pit on its own, my friends.   A combination of genetics and learned behavior did this to me.

My favorite qoute of the evening came as we somehow got on the topic of what happens if a child dies before his or her parents, and mom said, “If something happens to either one of you two, the one that is still alive take a gun and shoot me.” 

Now, that’s a Latin mom for you! What would a good dinner be without the drama of the possibility that one of us could die at any moment.  I’m pretty sure that mine is inevitable after all of the meat I consumed last night.

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