Tips for Multi-Day Kayaking

Similar to my Iceland post, my brother came up with the  list below of the gear we took with us on our kayaking trip.  I made comments in parenthesis:

Delta 17 Kayak with rudder
Necky Manitou 14 Kayak with skeg
Old Town Dirigo 140 (or the Canuyak, as I’m fond of calling it.)

Jetboil Stove (The greatest stove known to mankind.  It will boil water in under two minutes.)
Assorted Mountain House Brand freeze dried meals including Salmon Pesto with rotini, Indian chicken Curry, Huevos Rancheros, and Santa Fe Chicken. (Avoid the Chicken Curry at all costs.)
Starkist Tuna in a bag (I also bought the prepackaged kind that comes with one packet of mayonnaise and crackers.  Great source of protein.)
Sutter Home Merlot (The only wine available in the great town of White Springs, Florida.  Purchased at Munchies gas station.)
Taaka Vodka (a.k.a Fire Water)

Sleep Gear:
Mont Bell Super Stretch down 800 sleeping bag
Walmart brand sleeping bag
Mountain Hardware Switch 5 sleeping bag
Thermarest Prolite 4 mattress
Foam pad from Walmart

Sundry Items:
Myerchin L300 folding rigging knife with light
Black Diamond Icon HeadLamp (This headlamp is made for hiking through glaciers.)
CZ 75B semi-automatic pistol (stainless steel) with 16 hollow point rounds (You may find this unnecessary for one of your trips.)
Waterproof  “Otter Box” (Great case for carrying your camera and other sensitive items.)

As you might surmise from the list above, we tend to over prepare in my family.  Anything on the above list that has the words Walmart attached to it, was mine.  Please don’t accuse me of shopping there.  I did not actually step foot inside said establishment,  that was all J’s doing.

We also adopted a new motto on this trip that I love: Function is Beauty.  We stole it from the logo of some indestructable 25 ounce jacket that J bought for those future trips to Antarctica that he spends hours at his office job daydreaming about.  I like it a lot better than the motto my dad taught us as kids: Ours not to reason why, ours is but to do or die. Thanks, Lord Tennyson.  I really owe you one.

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2 Responses to Tips for Multi-Day Kayaking

  1. Matt says:

    Recall on the jetboil:

    your jewish mother

  2. Queen Savage says:

    Thanks for the head’s up! I sent the link to my dad.

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