Challenges I am actively training for, participating in, or would like to participate in

I am constantly getting myself roped in to ridiculous challenges or make bets (Like the time I drunkenly bet some guy at a party $500 that the kid in Parenthood was absolutely NOT Joaquin Phoenix.  Yeah, I fucking lost that one.) that I curse myself for later: 

1. Bike ride a century.  (Mental note: buy a bike first)

2.  The $30 a week challenge.

3.  Do 100 push ups in one sitting.

4.  Eat only whole or real foods for one month.

5.  Walk a marathon.  We roughly estimate that this will take about 10 hours.. 

6.  Swim one lap faster than my best friend who is 3 inches taller than me and used to be a state champ when we were in high school. 

7.  Don’t make bets or accept challenges while under the influence.

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