Whole or real foods– I dare you

A good friend of mine recently gave me Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food to read.  The premise of the book is fairly simple, don’t eat any refined sugars (soda, candy bars, lots of other things that taste like crack) and nothing processed– only eat “real” foods. 

Wasn’t that a brilliant review of the book?  I’m sure Mr. Pollan would be proud. 

The same friend who gave me the book has now challenged me to eat only “real” foods for the entire month of April.  I accepted.  Mainly because if you challenged me $5.00 to pick my own nose and eat what came out, I probably would.  I have a problem.  At least this bet is more sanitary.  So in the spirit of Easter and Lent and my ever growing beer belly: good-bye Coke, good-bye bagged Mexican cheese blend, good-bye yummy cupcakes that someone who is seriously evil brings to my office every Friday. 

Feel free to join me in this challenge.  I bet you $10.00 you won’t last as long as I will.

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