Sin Nombre

Last night, I attended a sneak preview of Sin Nombre.  Regardless of your stance on the immigration issue, I would highly recommend seeing this movie.  If anything, it is an extremely realistic portrait of the immense danger some people put themselves through in order to enter the United States.  It doesn’t sugarcoat the gang violence depicted or make violence in general seem cool– it forces you to recognize the fragility of human life and the lengths some people are willing to go to in order to feel protected and loved.  Sin Nombre  is my favorite kind of movie: there is no happy ending, but it makes you think about an issue very relevant to today from a different perspective.

Movie bonus: the lead actor is Hizzot.   


Hot in a “I’m the ex-member-of-a-gang-and-you-are-never-going-to-change-me” kind of way.  Hot that I have always been attracted to and get myself into trouble for.  But as a very wise friend once told me, Do what feels right, even if it’s wrong. The same friend who also said, Ho is the biggest part of hot.  Words to live by on this lovely Friday.

ps.  Thanks to Team Samique for the tickets! I really appreciated it.

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