I’ll have a taco with that hangover, please.

Saturday Dr. V, Mac and I braved the torrential rainstorm and went cruising for tacos.  I keep a list in my purse at all times of places that I would like to try so we pulled out the list and chose a couple. 

First stop: El Cabrito on Buford Hwy.  We went here based on an article in the May issue of Atlanta Magazine’s cheap eats section.  I am pretty sure they were out of business.  The building was completely abandoned with empty beer bottles strewn everywhere. Seemed like the closing party was probably a lot of fun.    

Second stop: Chicago Supermarket on Buford Hwy.  We ordered four carnitas tacos (two for each of us) and two Cokes in the bottle.  The counter staff was super friendly and their sauce bar is out of sight.  Dr. V and I were hurting from the night before and these tacos really hit the spot.  The tortillas were slightly stale, but I couldn’t have cared less.  We also purchased a bag of the best plantain chips I have ever had.  They were coated in chile, lime, and salt.  Delicious.












Third stop: Taqueria El Sori in Fiesta Foods on Buford Hwy: I loved this place.  The owner is so sweet.  She blushed when I told her that the article in the Creative Loafing led me to her tiny corner of the store.  Speaking Spanish was a major plus here. She told me that while her kitchen may be small, her food is solid and I completely agreed.  We ordered two carne asada tacos (the tortillas were fresher here), one huaraches, and one quesadilla.  The quesadilla blew my mind.  Stuffed with lettuce, avocado, tomato, and crema this was the ultimate in hangover food.  Warning: they only accept cash here. 

We couldn’t finish one of the tacos so we saved it for Mac who was patiently waiting in the car.  I wish I had a picture of Mac and his first taco.  Never come between a half-chihuahua and his taco.  Bloodshed might ensue.  Come to think of it, never come between a half-Venezuelan and her taco either.  I imagine the result would be the same.

Last stop: La Churreria on Buford Hwy (there is a theme here).  Mother of god what can I do to get these people to make me a fresh churro? I pleaded but she was worse than the soup Nazi.  This was my second unsuccessful attempt.  Have you ever had a stale churro? I will keep on trying though as they are one of my favorite desserts.

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2 Responses to I’ll have a taco with that hangover, please.

  1. Matt says:

    La Churreria has some truly frightening cakes.

  2. Amy says:

    Last time I went I got her to fry a fresh batch. Not sure why but maybe because we were ordering 7? I wouldn’t buy the stale ones – maybe that will convince her!

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