Search terms

To the person who found this blog by searching the term armpits smell like fish tacos, thank you for making my day.  I’ve often wondered the same about my own armpits.

A friend mentioned that perhaps I should be concerned at the alarming number of people who land on this site by searching other similar terms such as poops in pants, pee myself, mullet strippers, I want to pee on you, pee pee accident, or one of my all-time personal favorites: my chocolate office.  As if somehow these terms define me.  Puh-lease! This conglomeration of words has not even begun to scratch the surface of who I am as a person.  If you twisted my arm and forced me to come up with a list of self-defining search terms, it would start with something a little more like: cranky bitch, stankafied feet, likes to flash herself in the bathroom mirror at work when she is bored, hizzot, lover of sesquipedaliawhy don’t people touch themselves more?, a little pee never hurt anyone, etc

You get the idea.

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