Chile Relleno, I heart you.

As promised, I went to Taqueria del Sol last night with my Dad and tried the chile relleno.  We both agreed that it was one of the best we’ve ever had.  While it is still illegal to marry an inanimate object,  I was ready to get down on one knee and swear that I would remain faithful to it for the rest of my life. Try them before they’re gone.

The service at Taqueria (Cheshire Bridge location) was also, miraculously, friendly for the first time in a countless number of visits.  I even gave Dad a big pre-ordering experience pep-talk about how he should just let me do the talking and he should try his hardest not to get upset if someone was rude to us because the food is worth the ill treatment.  It was like I was prepping him for the Soup Nazi.    I was ready to just ask him to wait in the car, but as usual, my anxieties were unfounded and the man at the counter actually greeted me with a smile and seemed really happy to help us.

Dad only committed one Taqueria faux pas by going to sit at a table before I had finished ordering for us.  He was immediately accosted by one of the wait staff who pointed out the sign saying you can’t sit at a table until you’ve finished ordering your food, to which Dad simply replied, “Thanks, young man! I’ll be sure to take that into consideration the next time I’m here.”

Whew! No disasters and one of the better meals I have had in a long time.

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