Lenox Square Grill

Lenox Square Grill just opened right by my office and I’ve been there three times now.  The service is interesting, to put it mildly.  On my second visit our waiter came up to our table with his hands down his apron scratching his crotch and asked me if I wanted lemon with my water.  While I’m not typically a germaphobe, hell no, you just had your hands down your pants. I like my lemon without ode de pubic hair, thank you very much.

Everything about this place is an anomaly.  The service is slower than molasses, but the food is actually pretty tasty.  Last night I had a macaroni skillet with chopped up hot dogs in it that was spank yo mamma creamy and good.  Another time I tried the turkey burger and even though it looked absolutely disgusting when it came out it was actually juicy and delicious after biting into it.

The most incredible thing about eating here is the price.  You can get a heaping portion of food for under $7.00 no problem.  The prices completely make up for the service.  Just don’t ask for lemon with your water.

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