Cabagge Town Chomp and Stomp

Today was perfect.  Brother J, a few good friends, and I had an incredible brunch at the Carrol Street Cafe that consisted of Belgian Waffles, shrimp frittata and croissant sandwiches.  Unfortunately D ordered the best brunch and learned what it’s like to sit in between two members of a family who suffer from serious food envy, devouring her plate the millisecond she acted like she was finished.  After brunch we walked over to the Cabagge Town Chomp and Stomp and set up camp with Brother J’s two enormous jugs of lemonade vodka and a secret stash of Reese’s Pieces.  The point of attending the festival was to try the chilli but by the time my gastrointestinal system acclimated to brunch, vodka, and candy the chilli supply had run out. C’est la vie.

D and I took a turn around the hundreds of vendor tents loaded to the brim with crap I will never buy even when I am semi-intoxicated.  Out of the thousands of trinkets and bobbles for sale I only noticed one item worth purchasing but decided to think on it for a little while.  Brother J then had his go-round the tents, returned and I asked him if he saw anything worth buying.  And this is why people always freak out and think we are twins:

J: Just this cool picture of a whale.

Me: Holy shit! Me too.

J: I’ll play you paper-rocks-scissors and the loser has to buy it for the other person.

Me: Sure. You always lose anyway.

J: Ok.  I’m going to say scissors, just so you know.

Me: Right. And I’m going to say Thanks for the picture sucka.

And the winner was……

Proving once again that my powers at PRS never fail.

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  1. Jorge says:

    Chili is speleed with one I.

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