New Years in New Orleans

This past Christmas and New Years celebration have definitely been one of the best ever.  If you’ve never spent a New Years eve in the French Quarter, I highly recommend you try it.  For at least ten minutes.  Then get the hell out of there, but not before you get a drink in a strip club and wish a happy new years to the ladies that deserve it the most.

Then make your way to Frenchman Street and party like it’s 2010.

Things that made this New Years great:

1. Convincing a very conservative Spanish girl that she had to go into the French Quarter’s most famous bar, and forgetting to mention that it was a strip club.

2.  Convincing another girl who was a strip club virgin to tip a stripper with you, and then watching as the stripper licked her neck.  Ok, so maybe it was my neck.  But nonetheless, it made me happy.

3.  Making it to Frenchman Street in time for the fireworks and this year’s greatest make-out session so far.

4.  Handing everyone in the crowd a grape and asking them to make a wish.

5.  Wandering into a club after midnight that turned out to be a Latin dance club and dancing our asses off.

6.  Listening to some guy tell this girl that she was the woman of his dreams and then asking her to remind him what her name was again?

7.  Making a pit stop in a bar to use the bathroom, looking around and realizing everyone around me was a transvestite. And that the beers cost $1.50.  Yipee!

I’ve never felt so at home in a city in my entire life.  Happy New Years! I hope your’s was equally fun and full of love.

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