Gender Role Confusion

I’ve been fascinated lately with the idea of gender roles and the misconceptions that are commonly attributed to the fact that someone is a male or a female.  The fact that stereotypes of gender roles still exist in 2010 for instance, is it because they’re inherently/genetically true or have we just continued to promulgate them over the years until they seem true?   Am I truly expected to cook and clean because I’m a woman? Should I want to? Was anyone paying attention when I overflowed the dishwasher and couldn’t figure out how to turn on a microwave? It’s called evolution people.  I make just as much money as you do and I prefer takeout.

I’m a woman and it’s weird.  Our right to exist has changed so much over the years that it’s difficult to define what being a woman means anymore.  It doesn’t mean you’re taken care of anymore.  You should want to take care of yourself.  And I do.  But isn’t it funny that I still want someone to hold the door for me and buy me dinner? We do so many things on our own now that we didn’t before.  Which is great, but I can’t help wondering about the aura of isolation we must give off when this is the case.  We don’t need each other anymore. How do you tell someone that you need them without seeming needy?

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