Danielle is really going to miss it when I flash her, and so will the rest of Atlanta

I’ve been on a rampage lately of going to all of my favorite places in the ATL before I move to New Orleans next weekend.  Last weekend really took the cake though.  Brother J asked me to go to dinner with him at El Rey del Taco, my absolute favorite taco eatery on Buford Hwy, and when we got there all of my friends and family were waiting to surprise me.  I wonder if anyone else has ever been thrown a surprise party at a 24 hour taco place?

I’ve never been very good with surprises.  When I was 15, my mom threw me a surprise birthday party and when I stepped into the living room and everyone yelled SURPRISE! I ran away crying and hid in my bedroom until my mom coaxed me to finally come out again.

I managed to keep it together this time and only welled up for a second when I saw everyone and realized what great friends I have and how much I’m going to miss the fucking tacos at El Rey–especially the fish ones.  It was so nice to have almost everyone I love in the same room and share one of my favorite meals with them.

Afterwords, a few of us went to the Glenwood Pub and danced to some old school rap, hit up the Earl for the last few songs of a pretty good band called Travel by Train, and stopped by the Clermont to bid adieu to my favorite naked geriatric bootie shakers.  It was an awesome night and I couldn’t have wished for a better send-off.  Thanks to everyone who came and helped make it happen.  I love you more than fish tacos.

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