Food thoughts

New Orleans eateries I’ve tried so far:

Boucherie:  Great fried boudin balls, beef brisket and parmesan fries.  Excellent service and a nice place to get together with friends.  I would definitely go back.

Juan’s Flying Burrito: The only redeeming thing I can say so far is that they have corn tortillas.  Otherwise, their service is so hipster my old pile of flannel shirts erupted into flames the minute I walked in.  I hoped my meal might be saved by the cupcake I bought on my way out, but it was a glorified Hostess that was dry and tasted like dirt.  I had steak, pork, and shrimp tacos.  The ingredients tasted fresh but lacked originality.  In other words, every taco tastes the same.  Oooooh, and their margaritas suck.

Bistro Daisy:  I ducked in here to escape the cold and was pleasantly surprised by the owner’s hospitality and their amazing potato and leek soup.  Just what I needed after a five mile walk in the arctic tundra and a raging cold.  I also tried the special boudin appetizer with roasted pecans and it was delicious.

Reginelli’s: I can’t say enough about their garlic chicken pita.  I could eat this for weeks without getting tired of it, but I might never be kissed again.

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3 Responses to Food thoughts

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello, I’m still enjoying your blog that I randomly stumbled upon. And I was just thinking I needed to suggest you eat at Boucherie since you’ve moved to New Orleans. I’ve never been there, but one of my best friend’s boyfriends is chef and part owner. I’m so glad you liked it! If you’re ever there and see a skinny woman who’s six feet tall, tell her Amanda says hello. Her name is Adella and she is awesome (and hard to miss)!

  2. Queen Savage says:

    Thanks Amanda! I’ll look for Adella next time I visit. Let me know if you have any other recommendations.

  3. Amanda says:

    My boyfriend went to Tulane, so he lived there for four years. His favorite restaurant (another that I’ve never been to) is Dick and Jenny’s on Tchoupitoulas. Some of her friends here in Nashville are also NOLA natives and big foodies. I’ll ask them as well!

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