San Francisco, Part II

Japanese Tea Garden

A great example of why I get labeled a "professional five-year old".

Our walk through Golden Gate Park ended at a wonderful brunch spot called the B-Star.  The B-Star has an awesome outside patio and pitchers of mango and lemon mimosas that perfectly matched the amazing weather we were lucky enough to experience, i.e. no fog/no wind/no cold.  I ordered the Salmon Benedict and Blueberry Pancakes.  Excuse the pictures of half-eaten food, but my fork couldn’t control itself long enough to get a photo of the plates in their entirety.  D ordered the Chicken Croquette Hash which was deliciously deep-fried and cooked perfectly.

We ended our trip at a craft party hosted by Cracker-Jack and her beau where we made cards for our mom’s for Mother’s Day.  I sent mine to my mom early and she texted me to ask me if I was on crack.  How did someone get me to participate in crafts? With beer and cheese :)>.

Note: I am trying to work out the issue of the text not aligning with the photos. Bare with me as I try to overcome my luddite status and enter the 21st Century with the rest of you.

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