Queen Savage Turns Two

I missed my blogoversary or whatever it’s called.  I’ve been writing here for two years now and the small handful of you that are still reading make it worthwhile, so thanks.

Things to look forward to this year:

1.  Holy shit.  I turn 30 years old in a few months.  There will be tears and then I will go to the strip club and make it all better.  

2.  Montana!!! Potential bear attacks and other humorous camp fire tales.

3.  A new season of Fantasy Football.  For those of you who like Fantasy Football, no explanation is required.  For those of you who don’t, suck it. 

4.  I still haven’t posted about the drunk guy who drove his car into mine and then proceeded to roll around my front lawn screaming “Oh, baby! Oh, baby!” as I crouched down behind my front window taking pictures of him.  I don’t make this stuff up, friends. It just magically happens to me.

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