Rookies of the year

Huckleberries are like gold in Montana.  Ask anyone and they won’t give up their huckleberry picking hot spots.  Newbies to picking are not supposed to be able to find them on their first try.  Enter me and the Southerner.  Two geniuses.  Born huckleberriers.  All you locals who tried to throw us off track: Eat it. And don’t even try to ask us how to get to our hidden spot.  We’ll take our secret to the grave.

Since a huckleberry pie costs around $16.00 in town, we decided to take our boon and make our own pie.  A special thanks to the extremely nice woman in Wal-Mart who directed us to where the Minute Tapioca was located (we were getting ready to put in Tapioca pudding instead).


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