We went to eat dinner in Whitefish last night and I broke a vase in the women’s bathroom.  As it went crashing to the ground, the little hostess woman came rushing over and was like “It’s okay.  It’s okay.  The men’s bathroom was just cleaned.  You can use that one instead.”  I decided it was probably not a good time to go into how many men’s bathrooms I’ve been in  in my lifetime and just did as she said and sat on the toilet and laughed for a long time. ( I have always had this problem with clumsiness but seriously!!! who puts a vase right next to the bathroom light switch and expects me not to run into it after a couple of beers?)  Uncontrollably laughed until I could get it together enough to make the long walk of shame back to my table and ask the Southerner “Did you happen to hear that loud crash a couple of minutes ago?”

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