Missoula, Part II

We fished the Blackfoot River with Mark this weekend in Missoula.  While the fishing was not that hot (because apparently my reflexes, as Mark so kindly pointed out, are “non-existent”), the weather was awesome and so was the company.  We’ve gone fishing five weekends in a row and I’m still not sick of it, not even close.

Again, I have to come back to how strange this is- I like fishing and football.  I like fishing and football.  I’ve become one of those girls who likes football and fishing because her boyfriend does.  I knew nothing about fishing before we met, but my god how I hated football.  It seems like men always come attached with at least one sport you’re expected to watch or at least put up with and hope that you surf through the channels fast enough he doesn’t realize the game is on.  Unless, that man grew up on a remote island without a television set being introduced to the more important things in life, like extended foreplay sessions with naked island women and learning the art of communicating his feelings.

I’ve never even liked other women who like football.  They scared me.  They still do.  Truth be told, if the Southerner and I were no longer together, I’d probably go back to muting episodes of The Kardashians (because they’re incredibly fun to ogle but not to actually listen to) while reading my book on the couch and wishing I had Kim’s incredible rack, instead of watching football.  But I would still fly-fish. I genuinely love it.

The other thing I love? Playing poker.  Especially, at the Golden Rose in Missoula where I have won around $300 in REAL money (not play money or sexual favors, folks) this past month.   If you’re ever in Missoula and looking for a great place to hang out and play some poker, Corey and his crew at the Golden Rose will make sure you have a great time, unless you lose.  I told Corey about this blog and jokingly mentioned that I’m thinking about renaming it “Fishing and Strippers,”  since that pretty much sums up my summer.

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