And it’s official

I’m slightly obsessed with the fact that I turned 30 this week.  Not in an oh-my-god I’m-getting-old-look-at-the-wrinkles-around-my-eyes kind of way, but in a oh my god I’m a round number again how can I make the next decade as beautiful and productive as possible kind of way.  I’ve been wearing flowers in my hair all this week in acknowledgment of the fact that I’m getting slightly cooky in my old age.  I’m becoming less and less concerned with what people think about me and trying to live my life as true to my personal philosophy and style as I can.

I don’t believe in prayer, but I do believe in hope.  So for the next ten years here’s what I’m hoping for:

1.  That my mom finds a job and meets someone who gives her the love and respect that she deserves.

2.  That some scientist discovers a radical and inexpensive cure for crow’s-feet, and gray hair. And while I’m at it, why not a more humane Brazilian wax PLEASE.  I’m not sure how much more my hoo-ha can handle.

3.  That Brother J and I end up living in the same city and he and some lovely lady make me an aunt.  I would be such a good aunt. Here have another fudgsicle before your daddy gets home and ruins our fun.

4.  That, when I’m ready, maybe I have a kid and my kid reeeeeaaaaalllly loves to read and put on plays where we dance around the house in costumes and eat bowls of ice cream together while finger painting the walls.  Again, I’d probably make a better aunt.

5.  That I remember to love life and constantly learn and try new things.

“Always do the things you dream of, because that way, you can move on to other things.” Garance Dore.

I plan to spend the next ten years doing just that.

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