Still here

Between Christmas, New Years, and packing to move to a different country, I’ve been a little slack about posting for the past couple of months.  I apologize for the absence.  I think I was waiting until I could write with a 100% certainty that I’m moving to New Zealand!!! Tonight! Which means tomorrow there! The Southerner and I have been stuck in Los Angeles since Friday waiting for our flight confirmation to come through.

L.A. is not for us.  Neither is the JW Marriott in downtown L.A. whose only redeeming quality is that it’s right next to a Rosa Mexicano where I stuffed my face Friday night.  We actually hated the Marriott so much we switched hotels yesterday to a location closer to the airport that isn’t teeming with fake tits and women who can’t blink or move their foreheads properly.  I’ve never felt more Southern than this weekend– longing for genuine hospitality and drinks that don’t cost $20.00 a glass.

So tonight we’re off to Wellington for six months.  The Southerner found another contract job there and I’ll continue to work from home.  Can’t wait to keep you guys posted on our time there.

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  1. Holy smokes! I had no idea y’all were moving to New Zealand! Have a safe trip and keep us updated!

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