Keeper of the fire

If you’ve never quit smoking, I recommend you try it at least 50 times like I have.  It makes you very productive and you learn a new skill each time.  Like how to build a proper fire.  It’s taken me two days and an entire newspaper, but I’ve finally done it!

No more waiting huddled in my comforter and wool socks for the Southerner to come home for lunch and start up the wood burner for me.  I didn’t even use lighter fluid! Just a good old fashioned pine cone and a Bic.  I bet you’re just dying to get stuck out in the New Zealand bush with me and put my nature skills to the test.

The other thing making me immensely happy right now? My new Hunter boots.  I’ve daydreamed about these boots for five years! My unbelievably handsome and wonderful Dad bought them for me and carried them all the way from Atlanta without so much as a complaint about how much room they took up in his suitcase.  It rained cats and dogs yesterday so I took the opportunity to jump in every mud puddle possible on my way back to the car from the supermarket, shrieking in delight with every jump– thus securing my reputation as that “crazy American girl” in our neighborhood.

I’ve worn these 100% waterproof royally, rubbery, wonderful encasers of my grateful feet for three days straight.   I would wear them to bed, but then I’d have to give up my nightly ritual of torturing the Southerner by tucking my ice-cold feet underneath his legs.   I’d also be forced to stop explaining to him that it’s a boyfriend’s duty to keep my feet warm and no, I will not put socks on.  I hate wearing socks in bed.  It’s unattractive.  Next thing you know, he’ll be asking me to stop punching him in the ribs when he starts snoring too.

ps.  The boots even have an interior space where you can write your name and telephone number just in case you ever lose them:

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