30 things for the next 30

I’ve been thinking about the past 30 years and how much I’ve gotten to experience and do within that time frame (Minus years 13 – 17 which I pretty much wasted being angry at the world and everyone in it. Posers! Conformists! Conservative pigs! Ah, the emo days.)  and some of the things I’d like to do with the next 30:

Eat at:

1.  El Bulli in Spain ( reservations are only taken one day a year)

2.  Meson Candido in Spain, again (After ten years, I still think the aroma of their roasted suckling pig is probably what an orgasm smells like.)

Travel to:

3.  Frida Khalo’s house in Mexico

4.  Chile and Argentina

5.  Key West/Cuba for one month

6.  Alaska

7.  Venezuela with the Southerner (this is indefinitely postponed until Caracas is no longer the #1 murder capital in the world)

8.  Greece

9.  Africa

10.  Machu Pichu, Peru

Learn to:

11.  Fly an airplane

12.  Grow a garden

13.  Salsa

14.  Grow preying mantis (I love them!)

15.  Cook Thanksgiving dinner

16.  Sail, properly

17.  Make bread

18.  Grow old gracefully

19.  Build a website


20.  Get a Master’s degree

21.  Take my mom on an international vacation

22.  Live next door to my brother

23.  Quit smoking

24.  Take a girls trip once a year with my girls

25.  Run a marathon

26.  Catch an 8 lb fish on the dry fly

27.  Own a farm and learn to run it

28.  Invent something new

29.  Discover a cure for TMJ

30.  Take risks.

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