A Southern staple

The Southerner’s favorite meal is country-fried steak, so when I noticed this recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s website the other day, I suggested we (as in, he make it while I take pictures and offer moral support) make it for dinner.  Country-fried steak is a culinary delight that isn’t served in Wellington restaurants.  Oddly enough, beignets, pisco sours, po-boys, and gumbo are easily found, but country-fried steak is frowned upon.  Learning to make it was one of those tiny mental pick-me-ups that helps to ease my feeling of homesickness, kind of like when I see a McDonald’s or Burger King or hear November Rain for the hundredth time in some bar. 

Ok, the pictures didn’t turn out that great, but the meal was delicious.  This won’t be a meal in our weekly rotation unless I can find a place around here that sells cheap gas masks, but it’s nice to know we can make it when we want a special treat.

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