New tricks

I’ve recently learned two new home remedy/natural beauty tricks I thought I would share:

1.  Throwing a half cup of vinegar into the rinse cycle while you’re doing your laundry eliminates funkified odors from your clothing, especially underarm funk.  I can’t tell you how much this discovery has revolutionized my life.  I’ve mentioned it a couple times here before, but I’ve had a sweating problem since middle-school—to the point where  my 4th grade journal has the words “my sweaty pits make me sad” written in it.  The vinegar trick has saved several pieces of favorite clothing for me and I wish I’d learned it sooner.

2.  Olive oil is a really good eye-makeup remover.  I usually use Clinique’s remover, but I can’t find it in New Zealand.  Olive oil works just as well.  It’s really gentle and supposedly conditions your eyelashes at the same time and it’s cheaper!

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