OnTrays, Petone

Even though we tried lots of delicious food this weekend, our greatest food-find was not at the food show but at a little international market called OnTrays in Petone.  About a month ago, I had the best cheese I’ve ever tasted at Salute in Greytown.  Consequently, I spent the last month trying to locate that cheese in Wellington and finally after HOURS of searching, I came across OnTrays website.  I called OnTrays Friday morning before leaving for the food show (Yes, I know it’s freakish to call around town looking for a particular item of food before going to a food show. Or so I’ve been told.) and asked if they had the Tarago River Triple Cream Brie.  I almost creamed my pants when they said yes.

So Saturday morning, before going to the food show AGAIN, I asked the Southerner if he wouldn’t mind making a trip out to Petone to hunt down the cheese.  I can’t say enough good things about OnTrays.  I only wish I had found them months ago.  I went up to the cheese counter with more than a little excitement and asked the man how much for the Tarago:

Cheesemonger: $45 a kilo.

Me: (Gulp)Thanks, I’ll be right back.

I go to find the Southerner and whisper in his ear: It’s $45 a kilo! What should I do?

Southerner: (Bursts out laughing) Ask for 250 grams.  The only thing you should ever say yes to a kilo of is cocaine.

I know I should have memorized all of these conversions by now, but the whole kilo thing still throws me off, and the kilometers thing, and the whole blasted metric system thing.  Thank god for the Southerner and his mad math skillz or we would have gone home with what is, apparently, a lot of cheese. The most delectable, mouth-watering, creamy cheese you will never taste faithful readers living in the U.S.  Hah! You can take your tacos and shove them.

The other unbelievably amazing find at OnTrays: the exact kind of corn meal my mom uses to make Arepas.  I almost started crying in the starch aisle.

Two of the best things in life.

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