The Wellington Food Show

The Food Show was awesome.  For $25 we drank and ate to our heart’s content.  My solo experience on Friday was a little better than my second time around Saturday afternoon with the Southerner.  If I went back, I would definitely go the first day of the show early in the morning.  Friday morning, the exhibitors were really excited to be there and the crowd was a little less annoying since a lot of people were still at work.  By Saturday, you could see the exhaustion on the exhibitor’s faces and the crowd was much bigger and pushier.  However, I really enjoyed both days. Saturday I got to sit back and relax and let the Southerner lead the way since I had already gone to every single booth TWICE on Friday.

Friday morning

These margaritas were the death of me. Yum.

The best peanut butter ever.

After the food show on Saturday, we joined some friends at TSB stadium for the Richter City roller derby match.  At this point in the evening, the Southerner and I were pretty tipsy thanks to the food show.  But not as tipsy as some….

If you’ve never been to a roller derby event in Wellington, I highly recommend it.  The girls were really entertaining and the half-time show involves whips and a gimp.  What could be better than that?

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