Fashion Challenge: Day 5

For the final day of our challenge, the Southerner’s choice of outfit was inspired by the street performers or buskers on Cuba St. in Wellington, while Stahay attended a high school graduation in her outfit.

I asked Stahay to contribute her thoughts on participating in the challenge since I contributed mine on Day 1.  Here they are:

“This was a great challenge for us. I had definitely gotten into a funk with my clothes. I had a few select outfits I would wear over and over.  Jorge would always say things like, ‘you´re not wearing that, are you’ or ‘you have so many things that you don´t wear.’  I was really happy to give him the opportunity to show me some new options.  Each outfit he chose was quite a process…’try this shirt, how about this one, no that doesn´t work, where are your belts…’ On day 4 he went through every single item in every closet in the house and had me try on at least 7 outfits before choosing the right one.  I did like all of the outfits he picked, but was a little uncomfortable wearing the sleeveless shirt to school on Day 2.  My favorite and something I would have never put together was Day 1. I have not tucked in t-shirts since I was a kid, but now I think it is something I will try again.  It was so much fun to have a project. I am ready for another!”


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