We’re back!

We got back home Sunday night after traveling for 33 hours. 33 loooong hours. I watched every movie available and took advantage of the free drinks on our international flight. The highlight of the trip was when a little girl on our last flight of the day to New Orleans screamed WE’VE GOT TO GET OUTTA HERE RIGHT NOW! at the top of her lungs just as the plane took off.  My sentiments exactly you wise wise five-year old.

Ever since we touched ground in LAX, I’ve had Born in the USA stuck in my head. Weird. Or maybe it was the Ambien I took mixed with all those free drinks. Even though the trip was hellatiously long, we felt extremely lucky that we made it back without a single glitch.  No lost bags or missed flights.  In fact, we were able to catch an earlier flight back to New Orleans giving us more time to spend with our friends. Our friends! Our wonderful friends who took us out every night this week and showered us with love and visits to all of my favorite bars and restaurants.

The single most horrible thing about getting back has definitely been the jet-lag.  Ughh.  I innocently believed I would be back to normal in a couple days.  Five days later and I still have not fallen asleep until 4am in the morning and my body is in panic mode: It’s not supposed to be summer! It was just winter five days ago! It’s not supposed to be Friday! It’s supposed to be Saturday! Why is this weird device in your hands receiving text messages? Why is your mother suddenly able to get ahold of you at any time of the day she wants?

No wonder a blood vessel in my left eye popped yesterday, ensuring that I now look how I feel.

In short, jet-lag sucks.Luckily, we’re going to the beach tomorrow for a week where I plan to turn off that weird ringing device, sip pina coladas, and float in the ocean until I feel semi-human again.

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