Life lessons

Why did I have the best treadmill run of my life while watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding on E!? What are the psychological implications behind that?  Apparently, turning 31 means that I don’t have to pretend to be one of those people who watches CNN at the gym anymore.  At minute 10, level 8 of the run, I start crying while watching Kim walk down the aisle toward her meat-headed fiance and I feel no shame whatsoever.  In fact, I feel great! I’m crying on the treadmill at the gym and I feel wonderful. I’m so into the wedding I’ve practically envisioned the outfit I’d be wearing and…. WTF my run is actually over.  Can I please get this wedding on replay immediately?

I’ve never finished a run without endlessly playing mental games with my feet and legs to keep moving forward.  It usually goes something like: Legs, if you fail me now stomach won’t get to eat that Twix bar it was eyeing later and it will be really angry at you so keep moving!!!  Apparently, what I’ve needed all these years wasn’t music, or CNN, or mental games– what I really needed was bad TV.

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