Kindle Fire

Believe me when I write that it was very difficult to stop looking at my new Kindle Fire to write you this post about how much my new Kindle Fire rocks.  In fact, I started writing this post weeks ago, but then my new Kindle Fire arrived and it took me THIS long to finish it.

My laptop crashed a few weeks ago and the Southerner ordered me the Fire so that I could once again regain control of the ability to sit still on the couch.  The Southerner was so anxious for the Kindle to arrive that he waited on our lawn for the UPS man while having a staring contest with our neighbor across the street who was obviously waiting for the same thing.  Maybe his girlfriend’s laptop had crashed too.

Yes,  you psychotic high-tech geeks who haven’t been laid since the last time you were able to tear yourself away from World of Warcraft, the Kindle Fire is lacking in some features common to other tablets.  However, for someone who has never had a small, portable device with a touchscreen, the Kindle Fire is amazing.  I want to marry it and have its fiery babies.  However, the Southerner recently proposed that I marry him instead, so I guess I’ll just have to make the Kindle my maid of honor.

ps.  Let’s see a show of hands.  Who’s ready for this site to become an annoying DIY wedding blog? What? All four of you don’t want to hear about my endless hours of searching for rockabilly wedding dresses on Ebay? Or glittery high heels?

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