I hitched my wagon to a star

Three years ago today, I sent the Southerner an email.  He was living in New Orleans and I lived in Atlanta.  I hadn’t seen him in eleven years but I knew I wanted to talk to him.  I never would have thought in a million years that my email would lead me to where I am today. Where we are.  Together.

In the past three years, we’ve lived in New Orleans, Montana, New Zealand, and now, Florida together.  We’ve had countless adventures in these places and created memories that I will never forget.  I’ve learned to fly-fish and play fantasy football.  I’m getting a Master’s degree. We’re getting married!

Last night while talking to my brother over the phone, I told him that I wake up happy every single day.  I am constantly happy.  Annoyingly, infectiously, happy.  The Southerner is directly responsible for this happiness. In one of his first emails to me, he wrote the words  “It is easier to be courageous on your own, but to have someone be courageous with you takes an immense amount of trust. ”

Thank you for the past three years of letting me be courageous with you, Love. Kisses.

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