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Informed citizens, unite!

I heard the author of this book interviewed on NPR this morning.  She actually made complete sense and used facts (facts!) when discussing the federal budget and deficit. Finally, an economist that speaks English!  One of my favorite moments of … Continue reading

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Simple things

The Southerner and I have been married for two months now.  In the last two months, we’ve moved (again!) and I started my last semester of grad school so it’s taken me a while to get around to working on … Continue reading

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T-shirt heaven

I saw these t-shirts on Joanna Goddard’s blog last week and ordered one right away.  I love t-shirts and I’ve always wanted a fancy expensive one, but I’m way too cheap to spend more than $20.00 on a bundle of … Continue reading

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The key to changing a lightbulb

As evidenced below, I have a problem performing simple household tasks.  The Southerner asked me to change a lightbulb in our living room and this is what happened. I’d like to think it’s because changing lightbulbs is beneath me.  That … Continue reading

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Experimenting with hair dye

I’ve had gray hair since I was 17 years old.  Over the years it’s gotten progressively more noticeable to the point that I started having to dye my roots on a regular basis when I was twenty-six.  I know this … Continue reading

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Pre-wedding advice

My good friend Cracker-Jack and her husband came with us on our group honeymoon to Missoula.  Cracker-Jack got married last year so both of us were keen on shelling out some advice to the younger ladies on the trip with … Continue reading

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Fupa? What’s a fupa?

The  Southerner and I got married last week.  Yay!!! We had a beautiful ceremony surrounded by 39 people who love us a lot at a ranch in Wolf Creek, Montana.  The Southerner wrote the entire ceremony and we were married … Continue reading

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Things that make me happy

Okay, so I know the flash mob thing is really overdone and yesterday’s news.  But, whatever, I love them! I love that a group of people got together to do a cool thing in a public space just for the … Continue reading

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There’s a rata in mi casa

The year of freak medical maladies and parasitic insect-invasions truly reached its pinnacle this weekend, friends. The Southerner’s sister drove down from North Carolina to help us finish some last-minute wedding projects (Smore’s kits, anyone?) and visit St. Pete for … Continue reading

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Pest control

The Southerner started complaining about fleas in our house about a week ago.  I didn’t pay much attention to him since that’s kind of what I do when he complains about things that don’t affect me. Just because he’s a … Continue reading

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