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Weekend in Sarasota

We revived our failed New Year’s plan this weekend and visited Sarasota, Florida.  We stayed at the Indigo Hotel (walking distance to downtown) in this lovely room: The Southerner and I both agreed that the hotel was very nice, but … Continue reading

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Men, avert your eyes

2012 appears to be the year of medical maladies.  This morning, I had to have a procedure called a colposcopy.  My gyno recommended the colposcopy after my annual visit a few weeks ago yielded abnormal pap smear results.  A friend … Continue reading

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2012, so far you’re the pits

As in, literally, the Southerner and I have rashes under our armpits and other nefarious places right now. The Southerner went out of town last week and returned this Sunday with a small pimple-like bump under his left pit.  I … Continue reading

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The Southerner and I decided to ditch our Sarasota plans (in other words, we waited until the last-minute and all of the hotels in Sarasota were booked) and stay in St Pete for New Years.  Our last two New Years … Continue reading

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Things that have changed in my 30’s

1.  I’m strangely attracted to zebra and leopard prints.  Whereas, I used to call my mom’s leopard print travel-bag “a wounded animal,” now my only wish is that it came with a matching dopp kit so that I could inherit … Continue reading

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Half my DNA

I turned away from the football game tonight to ask dad a question and noticed that he was wearing these, INDOORS. Me: Whoa, Stevie Wonder, why are you wearing sunglasses indoors at night? Dad: They’re the only glasses I could find that … Continue reading

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Survival 101

Me: Do you think it’s weird that every time I drive over the Tampa Bay bridge I envision my car careening over the side of it? What I would do if all of sudden my car was sinking to the … Continue reading

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Christmas list

I was asked to make a Christmas list this year. My list consisted of a request for Amazon gift cards and some fancy shampoo, because when I’m put on the spot I have a hard time thinking of a single … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire

Believe me when I write that it was very difficult to stop looking at my new Kindle Fire to write you this post about how much my new Kindle Fire rocks.  In fact, I started writing this post weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Life lessons

Why did I have the best treadmill run of my life while watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding on E!? What are the psychological implications behind that?  Apparently, turning 31 means that I don’t have to pretend to be one of those … Continue reading

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