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Mini-Guide to Key West, Florida

  Over the past year and a half, we’ve traveled to Key West six or seven times either for work or short vacations. Our stays have ranged anywhere from four days to thirty. Below are a few tips on where … Continue reading

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Wild West Road Trip: Part Dos

We spent the first few days of our trip visiting family and friends.  On our way out of Florida, we stopped to visit the Southerner’s mom in Destin, where this happened: Apparently, this little bird mistook my sexy, boat-hair for … Continue reading

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My life list is getting shorter and shorter

Thanks to a well-timed Groupon, I saw Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert speak at the David Straz Center in Tampa last night.  I’ve been obsessed with No Reservations for years now.  For the 6 months that I lived in New … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Market, Downtown St. Pete

I gleefully shot out of bed this morning, pouncing on the Southerner to wake up, so that we could attend the first Saturday morning market of the fall in downtown St. Pete.  Amazingly, this morning was also the first since we’ve moved here … Continue reading

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OnTrays, Petone

Even though we tried lots of delicious food this weekend, our greatest food-find was not at the food show but at a little international market called OnTrays in Petone.  About a month ago, I had the best cheese I’ve ever tasted … Continue reading

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The Wellington Food Show

The Food Show was awesome.  For $25 we drank and ate to our heart’s content.  My solo experience on Friday was a little better than my second time around Saturday afternoon with the Southerner.  If I went back, I would … Continue reading

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Analysis Paralysis

I have an addiction.  To supermarkets.  It’s so bad that the Southerner forces me to make a plan with him if we grocery shop together: exactly what we’re going to buy, how long we’re going to be in there, and … Continue reading

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A Southern staple

The Southerner’s favorite meal is country-fried steak, so when I noticed this recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s website the other day, I suggested we (as in, he make it while I take pictures and offer moral support) make it for dinner.  … Continue reading

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The Gringo Solution

I’ve solved my craving for good tacos in Wellington by making them myself!  I’d like to point out that my favorite kind of taco comes in a hard shell, making it much more tex-mex than authentic.  However, hard shell tacos are … Continue reading

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D.C. stands for damp and cold

I’ve been in D.C. for work since Monday and it’s so cold I would rather curl up under the comforter and never leave the hotel, but there is food to be eaten that requires I brave revolving doors and freezing … Continue reading

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