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It’s oyster season!

Last Friday, the Southerner decided to prove that he is Master of EVERYTHING (M.o.E) and charbroil some oysters.  After looking up Drago’s famous recipe and purchasing 3 dozen oysters  on the half shell, we headed over to a friend’s house … Continue reading

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Whitefish, Montana

One of our favorite towns that’s really close to Kalispell is Whitefish.  We probably drive the 15 miles there at least 2 – 3 times a week.  Our first stop is always at the Great Northern Brewing Company for a pint of their … Continue reading

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The Big Easy

New Orleans, why do I love thee.  Let me count the ways: 1.  Two dollar taco and beer night at the Rum House on Tuesdays. Any beer.  Any taco. 2.  The Hustler store in the French Quarter where with every … Continue reading

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I ate at Mimis in the Merigny for the second time this weekend with a group of friends.  The experience was one of the best meals I’ve had in New Orleans so far.  The chef personally came out with every dish we ordered and explained … Continue reading

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Life is good

It was very hard to write that title, since saying it out loud might make it go it away, but it’s true. I waited a few seconds for the ceiling lamp to come unhinged and fall on my head striking … Continue reading

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Food thoughts

New Orleans eateries I’ve tried so far: Boucherie:  Great fried boudin balls, beef brisket and parmesan fries.  Excellent service and a nice place to get together with friends.  I would definitely go back. Juan’s Flying Burrito: The only redeeming thing I can say so far … Continue reading

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Danielle is really going to miss it when I flash her, and so will the rest of Atlanta

I’ve been on a rampage lately of going to all of my favorite places in the ATL before I move to New Orleans next weekend.  Last weekend really took the cake though.  Brother J asked me to go to dinner with him … Continue reading

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Havana Sandwich Shop Reopened!

Mom and I ate lunch today at the newly reopened Havana Sandwich Shop.  We went in the middle of the lunch hour rush and the line to order was almost to the door, but we were in and out of … Continue reading

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One Flew South

Holy shit peeps, you can officially call me an ex-luddite since at the moment I’m writing this post in the air: FROM A PLANE.  Ebay is sponsoring free wifi on Delta flights for Thanksgiving week.  I’m not ashamed to admit that this … Continue reading

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A very good weekend

Transcript of a conversation I had with my brother, J, on Sunday: J: Dude, I can’t believe I’m almost thirty and I’m sleeping on the floor of my room because my mattress sucks so badly that both ends of it lift up when … Continue reading

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