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Mini-Guide to Key West, Florida

  Over the past year and a half, we’ve traveled to Key West six or seven times either for work or short vacations. Our stays have ranged anywhere from four days to thirty. Below are a few tips on where … Continue reading

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The Gringo Solution

I’ve solved my craving for good tacos in Wellington by making them myself!  I’d like to point out that my favorite kind of taco comes in a hard shell, making it much more tex-mex than authentic.  However, hard shell tacos are … Continue reading

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Whitefish, Montana

One of our favorite towns that’s really close to Kalispell is Whitefish.  We probably drive the 15 miles there at least 2 – 3 times a week.  Our first stop is always at the Great Northern Brewing Company for a pint of their … Continue reading

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The Big Easy

New Orleans, why do I love thee.  Let me count the ways: 1.  Two dollar taco and beer night at the Rum House on Tuesdays. Any beer.  Any taco. 2.  The Hustler store in the French Quarter where with every … Continue reading

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Food thoughts

New Orleans eateries I’ve tried so far: Boucherie:  Great fried boudin balls, beef brisket and parmesan fries.  Excellent service and a nice place to get together with friends.  I would definitely go back. Juan’s Flying Burrito: The only redeeming thing I can say so far … Continue reading

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Danielle is really going to miss it when I flash her, and so will the rest of Atlanta

I’ve been on a rampage lately of going to all of my favorite places in the ATL before I move to New Orleans next weekend.  Last weekend really took the cake though.  Brother J asked me to go to dinner with him … Continue reading

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San Fran

I spent last weekend in San Francisco visiting one of my favorite people on earth, Cracker-Jack. I shopped for 6 hours, saw the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SOMA, got a massage, saw a flamenco show and stuffed my face … Continue reading

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A Woman After My Own Heart

Tonight after work mom and I went to the local high school to walk around the track together and the football team was out there practicing….. Mom: “Maybe I should yell out to those kids, ‘TACO!’ ‘TACO!” Me: “What the … Continue reading

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Happy 4th, Everyone!

 Today I am proud to be an American because: 1.  It is my god-given right and not just a happenstance of birth. 2.  Fireworks make me happy. 3. Jesus is American and always wears an American flag on his lapel. … Continue reading

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