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And it’s official

I’m slightly obsessed with the fact that I turned 30 this week.  Not in an oh-my-god I’m-getting-old-look-at-the-wrinkles-around-my-eyes kind of way, but in a oh my god I’m a round number again how can I make the next decade as beautiful … Continue reading

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Mini-guide to Kalispell, Montana

I leave Kalispell this Saturday, make a short stop in Atlanta to visit family and celebrate my 30th birthday, and then head back to our home-base in New Orleans.  We’ve been living in Kalispell since July and it has been … Continue reading

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Things I can do because I’m almost 30

1.  Buy $20.00 shampoo and conditioner even though I can’t remember the last time I washed my hair. 2.  Wear granny panties.  Occasionally.  Without remorse. 3. Drive with the windows down singing MC Hammer’s Two Legit to Quit at the top … Continue reading

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Forgive me, men

Things you never want to hear at the gynecologist’s office: 1.  Your doctor motions to the nurse in the room and shouts, “Whoa! Come take a look at this!” 2.  Followed up by, “You win the yeast infection of the … Continue reading

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Tips for Multi-Day Kayaking

Similar to my Iceland post, my brother came up with the  list below of the gear we took with us on our kayaking trip.  I made comments in parenthesis: Kayaks: Delta 17 Kayak with rudder Necky Manitou 14 Kayak with skeg Old … Continue reading

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Happy 4th, Everyone!

 Today I am proud to be an American because: 1.  It is my god-given right and not just a happenstance of birth. 2.  Fireworks make me happy. 3. Jesus is American and always wears an American flag on his lapel. … Continue reading

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