A list of people, places, and inanimate objects that I am currently crushing on:

The best chocolate in the world.

I saw this short on the Independant Film Channel the other night and hysterically laughed my ass off until I started hyperventilating from joy.

My new Keen sandals: they are waterproof, stinky-feet proof, slip-proof, and they float! Which I learned the hard way after I had to go chasing after them in the ocean.  I gave a pair to my grandmother for her birthday and she wrote me that they were so comfortable she “wanted to go to sleep in them.” In short, the best pair of outdoorsy shoes I’ve ever owned.

Jer’s Pretzo Change-O bar: My New Orleans substitute for Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels.  You can order the Pretzo Change-O bar online.  It might sound weird but they taste really good combined with a Stacey’s pita chip to make them crunchier and saltier.

The double-breasted peacoat from Tulle that I received as a going away present from my favorite blond in Atlanta.

My new left-handed notebook: Because it was one of my favorite of the 18! Christmas presents a very special Southerner, who has memorized most of the lines from the greatest movie EVER (Tombstone, duh), gave me.

David Sedaris:  For making me laugh during a long drive home with stories about animal orgies and dick-do disease.

Blue Moon Grand Cru: I’m not sure how I ever made it through the holidays without you before.

Los Campos Magneticos: Who have made me sooooo happy today with their Spanish renditions of Magnetic Fields’ songs.  In particular,  their version of  Queen of the Savages.

The Maple Bacon Beignets at Abattoir: for being the reason why I woke up from my afternoon nap today with drool on my pillow. My family likes to order them with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and then fight each other to the death until the entire plate is wiped clean.  Pommes frittes and the Bon Bouche cheese are also top of our list here.

This is why I love Bear Grylls.  Minute 4:50 deserves more than one play if you are bored and horny.

Chef Bruce Logue: Will you marry me? I went to your restaurant with my dad and had yet another amazing meal.  I promise to love you forever, especially if you keep that prosciutto and ricotta cheese appetizer on the menu.

Jon Stewart: For making me laugh so hard that I momentarily forgot how cold it was in my apartment.  The video gets really good around minute 3:38.

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