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D.C. stands for damp and cold

I’ve been in D.C. for work since Monday and it’s so cold I would rather curl up under the comforter and never leave the hotel, but there is food to be eaten that requires I brave revolving doors and freezing … Continue reading

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Mini-guide to Kalispell, Montana

I leave Kalispell this Saturday, make a short stop in Atlanta to visit family and celebrate my 30th birthday, and then head back to our home-base in New Orleans.  We’ve been living in Kalispell since July and it has been … Continue reading

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Montana, Finally

After driving for four days from New Orleans, we finally made it to Ft. Smith, Montana and the starting point of our summer adventure.  I hate the word “adventure” but, hey, it’s not as pukey-sounding as “journey.”  When we managed to wipe the … Continue reading

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I ate at Mimis in the Merigny for the second time this weekend with a group of friends.  The experience was one of the best meals I’ve had in New Orleans so far.  The chef personally came out with every dish we ordered and explained … Continue reading

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Food thoughts

New Orleans eateries I’ve tried so far: Boucherie:  Great fried boudin balls, beef brisket and parmesan fries.  Excellent service and a nice place to get together with friends.  I would definitely go back. Juan’s Flying Burrito: The only redeeming thing I can say so far … Continue reading

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Havana Sandwich Shop Reopened!

Mom and I ate lunch today at the newly reopened Havana Sandwich Shop.  We went in the middle of the lunch hour rush and the line to order was almost to the door, but we were in and out of … Continue reading

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Fish Pizza

Word to the wise: never order fish tacos at a pizza place.  More specifically, the new fish tacos at California Pizza Kitchen should be avoided at all costs.  The flour tortilla is stale, the fish is gummy, and the chips … Continue reading

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Lenox Square Grill

Lenox Square Grill just opened right by my office and I’ve been there three times now.  The service is interesting, to put it mildly.  On my second visit our waiter came up to our table with his hands down his … Continue reading

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Chile Relleno, I heart you.

As promised, I went to Taqueria del Sol last night with my Dad and tried the chile relleno.  We both agreed that it was one of the best we’ve ever had.  While it is still illegal to marry an inanimate object, … Continue reading

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Late night miracles

Friday night, Dr. V and I hit up our favorite bar off Amsterdam Avenue and after a couple of drinks decided to end the evening with some dancing at Loca Luna.  While I know more than a few people who would … Continue reading

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