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Food thoughts

New Orleans eateries I’ve tried so far: Boucherie:  Great fried boudin balls, beef brisket and parmesan fries.  Excellent service and a nice place to get together with friends.  I would definitely go back. Juan’s Flying Burrito: The only redeeming thing I can say so far … Continue reading

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Danielle is really going to miss it when I flash her, and so will the rest of Atlanta

I’ve been on a rampage lately of going to all of my favorite places in the ATL before I move to New Orleans next weekend.  Last weekend really took the cake though.  Brother J asked me to go to dinner with him … Continue reading

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Fish Pizza

Word to the wise: never order fish tacos at a pizza place.  More specifically, the new fish tacos at California Pizza Kitchen should be avoided at all costs.  The flour tortilla is stale, the fish is gummy, and the chips … Continue reading

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Chile Relleno, I heart you.

As promised, I went to Taqueria del Sol last night with my Dad and tried the chile relleno.  We both agreed that it was one of the best we’ve ever had.  While it is still illegal to marry an inanimate object, … Continue reading

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Would you like to smell my armpits?

“The smell of my armpits is sweeter than the nectar of the gods and more divine.”  Thanks for that, Whitman.  As a life-long sweaty Betty, I have found these words very comforting over the years. I was reminded of the … Continue reading

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I’ll have a taco with that hangover, please.

Saturday Dr. V, Mac and I braved the torrential rainstorm and went cruising for tacos.  I keep a list in my purse at all times of places that I would like to try so we pulled out the list and … Continue reading

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Why I can’t quit smoking

Because songs like this and this exist.  And so do bottles of tequila, incredible tacos, good conversation, and great sex.  If you could just take those things away from me maybe I would stand a chance. And with songs like this, it’s … Continue reading

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A Woman After My Own Heart

Tonight after work mom and I went to the local high school to walk around the track together and the football team was out there practicing….. Mom: “Maybe I should yell out to those kids, ‘TACO!’ ‘TACO!” Me: “What the … Continue reading

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