Slumdog Ca-ca: Or how I confirmed that my heart is not made of stone

I almost forgot that before I went to Cancun and entered that time warp of Señor Frogs and Margaritaville, I saw Salman Rushdie speak at Emory! Usually, no matter how brilliant or interesting the speaker might be, I have a tendency to fall asleep at these kinds of events.  Not the case with Mr. Rushdie.  He gave a lecture on the subject of adaptation.  He was engaging and funny, and not nearly as unattractive in person: even without Padma.  He mentioned that a film version of Midnight’s Children is in the works, and he ripped Slumdog Millionaire a new one. 

That movie was worse than a fried pickle as far as I’m concerned.  I knew I shouldn’t have felt bad for being the only one not clapping at the end of it!

Mr. Rushdie also recommended a book I had never heard of titled The Manuscript Found in Saragossa that I can not wait to read. A movie was adapted from the novel that looks pretty interesting too.

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