Gchat with Brother J

One of the saving graces of being separated from my brother, J, is our daily gchats and phone calls.  He helps me get through the remote workday by ensuring that all of my 8 to 5 conversations don’t take place solely inside my head.  With his permission, part of one of our recent chats:

J:   I watched that video of you catching the fish
  it was pretty cool
  I laughed

Me: why?
  what was funny

J: you look funny in waders
  and you look funny fishing

Me: those things are so comfortable

J: not activities I normally associate you with

Me: I could live in them for the rest of my life
  totally waterproof

J: I guess I don’t know the new you

 Me: dirt proof
  fish guts proof
  I love them
  The new me is longing to meet the old me for dinner one night in heels, a dress and a thong and bang that sexy bitch all night long

instead of hiking boots, dirty jeans, and granny panties :)

Me:  We actually saw a commercial for a bank here the other night that advertised “ATM coming soon!”

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