Drooling interests

Dr. V came over last night to watch Lebron James school (can anyone say 4th quarter) Orlando in the fifth game of the NBA playoff series.  Seriously, the man is a bull, and even I (a normally blissfully ignorant of all sports type-of-girl)  can appreciate his mad skillz on the court.  In a true testament to our 14 years of friendship, Dr. V let me watch the end of the National Spelling Bee championship during half-time.  Has anyone ever listened to the announcers during a spelling bee? The fact that they even have announcers is hilarious. A fact made even more hilarious by switching between the announcers during the ball game and the spelling bee.  Although, I think the spelling bee announcers won the evening’s title for outright nonsensical-ness.  The winner of the bee, Kavya Shivashankar (if you had to spell that name everyday, you better be winning some fucking spelling competitions), had a habit of writing out the word that she was given with her finger in the palm of her hand. 


A habit that prompted the announcers to tell us, “that’s not a pen she’s using folks, that’s her finger.”  REALLY??? Her finger doesn’t magically turn into a pen? Because I thought all spelling bee champs had the ability to spout ink from their fingertips.  I’m so glad you cleared that up for me.

After the spelling bee ended, we watched the last half of the basketball game.  The best part of the ball game was at the end when Jay-Z and crew were waiting to shake Lebron James’ hand.  Proving that even the mega-est of stars can turn into drooling groupies around someone they admire. A reaction I envision would be somewhat similar if I ever meet Kavya Shivashankar in person: “Oh my god, I can’t believe you spelled Laodicean correctly under all that pressure.  I mean, I had my dictionary out and everything and you spelled it before I even had time to look up the definition. And you’re only 13! What’d you think about that girl that misspelled derriengue? Total loser, am I right?  Sooo, what are you doing later? Wanna help me look up words that rhyme with blumpkin?”

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