Saturday Morning Market, Downtown St. Pete

I gleefully shot out of bed this morning, pouncing on the Southerner to wake up, so that we could attend the first Saturday morning market of the fall in downtown St. Pete.  Amazingly, this morning was also the first since we’ve moved here that there was zero humidity in the air and the temperature dropped from 90 degrees to a chilling 83!

We hopped on our new bikes and made it to the market in less than 10 minutes.  As we rode up to the entrance and I saw how big it is, heard the music and saw all of the families and couples wandering around, I had a moment of pure joy.

We’ve lived in so many places the past two years, and I’ve dragged the Southerner to hundreds of these, but I’ve never allowed myself to feel like part of the community before today.  This is my market damnit, in my neighborhood that I absolutely love.

The market is well-organized with lovely fresh produce and tasty delights down every row of tents.

Next Saturday, we’re going to take the car because I obviously need one of these plants as soon as humanly possible:

After the market, we went to the beach and drank pina-coladas because that’s how we roll in October in Florida.

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